Environmental Protection

AO Achimgaz cares about supporting a favorable ecological environment within the region of its presence and is proactive in environmental protection.

Company activity in the field of environmental protection is carried out in accordance with environmental legislation, laws and statutory instruments issued by federal, regional and local executive authorities.
Pursuant to the Performance Standards of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Equator Principles, in 2012, the impact of project implementation on the ecological and social environment was estimated (OVESS), with the inclusion of matters relating to cooperation with stakeholders. The OVESS results showed that the methods of project facility construction and operation complied with international standards.
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В 2021 году прошли обучение в области экологической безопасности

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Environmentally safe performance of work is governed by the System of occupational health management, industrial safety and environmental protection, assessed for the compliance with international standards ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 and based on the annually established Environmental protection and safety programs.

The company’s environmental activity covers the following key areas:
  • land remediation which helps to restore soils;
  • local environmental monitoring;
  • disposal of production and consumption waste;
  • mitigation of damage caused to aquatic bioresources;
  • training Company employees on environmental safety.
On the whole, the environmental initiatives, social and economic aspects of AO Achimgaz work contribute to the maintenance of a favorable environment.
Environmental Protection
Охрана труда и промышленная безопасность
One of the main factors in the successful development and growth of AO Achimgaz is ensuring the safety of people and safe labor conditions.

The main goals set out by the AO Achimgaz Policy for AO Achimgaz occupational health, industrial safety and environment protection include:

  • mitigation of risks associated with injuries, incidents and accidents;
  • creation of safe labor conditions, safeguarding of life and health of the Company’s employees;
  • minimizing the negative impact on the natural and social environment.
Environmental Protection