Leaders of Small Engineering School

In 2018, the District Pedagogical Competition - The Headmaster of the Yamal School - was launched. This year, at the Second District Competition  - The Headmaster of the Yamal School - 2019, which was held in Salekhard on August 25-26, 2019 New Urengoy was represented by Maria Zenkina, the headmaster of MBOU Secondary School No. 11. During this competition, Maria presented a joint project with AO Achimgaz called Small Engineering School, which is the indisputable brand of the education system of the Autonomous Okrug. As a long-term perspective, Maria indicated the scaling up of the idea of Small Engineering School as a network structure of a specialized high school to the city space. Following the results of all the competition events, Maria made the top three leaders in the Yamal education and became the winner of the District Teacher Training Competition  - The Best Headmaster of the Yamal School 2019.

AO Achimgaz congratulates Maria Zenkina and is grateful to her for the cooperation.

Reference:  Small Engineering School is a joint project of AO Achimgaz and MBOU Secondary School No. 11. The project was launched in 2017. Currently, AO Achimgaz continues to actively participate in the development of the project and its modernization.


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