Bike Ride 2019

The annual corporate bike ride of the Achimgaz Company, dedicated to the birthday of the Company, took place in the city of Novy Urengoy on August 10. For the past five years, AO Achimgaz has been celebrating this holiday in the form of a sporting event. It is noteworthy that the date of the bike ride coincided with the All-Russian Athlete Day. 

Before the race, Ingo Neubert, the Deputy General Director of AO Achimgaz, addressed everyone who cycles. He congratulated the audience on this beautiful occasion, asked the cyclists to follow the road safety rules, and wished them a successful bike ride. 

Traditionally, cycling enthusiasts from other companies of the city joined the AO Achimgaz team. The total number of participants in the ride exceeded 30 people, and it started near the office of AO Achimgaz. Throughout the route, there were three pit stops every 10 kilometers, where the fans gave out water to the cyclists. The athletes were also provided with bus escort in case they cannot continue riding with the other participants, allowing them to keep the way on transport. The organizers also offered cargo escort in case of a bicycle breakdown or boarding the bus. The road to the CGTP took the athletes on average 2 to 3 hours. 

Having finished at the main building of CGTP - 31, the event participants went for a long-awaited and well-deserved holiday dinner. The event ended with taking photos in the open air.

The modern pace of life and conditions, in which many employees often have to work, require specialists to have good health, stamina, the ability to endure psychological and physical stress, and also feel confident in stressful situations; therefore, sports are far from the last place in the life of the community. The employees of Achimgaz JSC have always shown high interest in the sporting events of the Company and the city. Each year, the number of participants in such events carried out by the enterprise is growing remarkably, which, of course, is the result of the Company's successful activities in the field of popularization of physical education and sports, including cycling. 



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