Whistleblower Hotline for Corruption Prevention (hereinafter ‘The Whistleblower Hotline’) continuously functions in order to increase efficiency of measures for prevention and precaution of corruption as well as to provide prompt response to the violations of legal requirements and other ethical norms in AO Achimgaz.
AO Achimgaz company follows with the policy of intolerance towards any violations of requirements and bylaws.
We are grateful for any request to the Whistleblower Hotline that will facilitate prevention and elimination of violations. We kindly ask you to give us the most detailed information about the violation (date and time of the violation, information about the violator, circumstances of the violation, etc.)

We also inform you that all requests received through the Whistleblower Hotline are processed in strict confidentiality. For feedback and closest consideration (if specification of the information received is needed), please give us the contact information (of any kind). Anonymous requests cannot be accepted for consideration.

You will be able to report the following information:

limitation of fair competition
competing interests
violation of legal requirements
violation of ethical norms
unlawful use of effects

Rules for leaving and processing of requests

  • The Whistleblower Hotline is developed for informing on any signs of legal violations, by-law documents of the company, corruption and fraud;
  • Requests on domestic problems and threats to others will not be considered;
  • For investigation improvement, we kindly ask you to give the most detailed information on the violation you have detected in order to avoid interference of such facts into the company during investigation;
  • It is not allowed to give misleading information that could be defamatory or damage a person’s reputation.