Gas Producing Company AO Achimgaz


16 trillion m³

The Urengoy oil, gas and condensate field located in the West Siberian basin is ranked among the top three largest onshore fields in the world.

The Urengoy field extends from north to south for more than 230 km. It is 30 to 60 km wide and covers an area of about 6000 square km. Most of the field is located beyond the Arctic Circle.
Охрана <br> окружающей <br> среды
Охрана труда <br> и промышленная <br> безопасность

High production culture

Occupational safety and health requirements — a priority to the work and the company’s development.

For shareholders

A Russian-German joint venture symbolizing stability, profit and safety.

AO Achimgaz successfully extracts gas in difficult geological conditions. High production culture and industrial safety, environmental protection and security are confirmed by certificates and activities of the company.
млрд м³
рекордная годовая
добыча газа
млн. т
рекордная годовая
добыча газового конденсата
совокупная проходка бурением
текущее средневзвешенное пластовое давление


AO Achimgaz is one of the most dynamically developing companies in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The success of any company depends on a strong and highly professional team. AO Achimgaz is interested in appointing highly skilled, active, self-starters with professional experience with the intention of achieving ambitious goals.